Hillcrest Lawn Memorial Cremations 1935-2003

10,452 records (Database)

1935 – 2003

Hillcrest Lawn Memorial began cremations in 1937. For many years it was the only such facility in the Northwest. Most were from Montana but occasionally from out of state. From 1942 to 1945, 160 cremations were from the Japanese internment camp at Heart Mountain Resettlement Camp in Wyoming.

The paper files held at the GFGS can provide information that may not be available elsewhere, such as:

Name of decedent

Date of birth or age at time of death

Date of death – place of death

Date of cremation

Name and location of funeral home

Name of person authorizing cremation

Disposition of cremated remains – some examples:
-where sent
-held for family
-internment location
-scattered (location)

Notes such as cause of death

Great Falls Funeral Homes:
W.H. George
Torman George
Chapel of Chimes