It was shortly after the beginning of the new millennium that our Volunteer of the Year became a member of the Great Falls Genealogy Society. And it didn’t take Cheryl Lucas long to begin her involvement in the Society. Her many talents have been put to use in a variety of ways. While working a full-time job, Cheryl served as one of the librarians on Saturdays or Sundays. While Cheryl was on the Acquisitions Committee, she took over the task of computerizing the listing of the then over 8,000 volumes of the Society Library, working with Jan Thomson to add more adequate descriptors to book spine labels. She also computerized the periodical listings. It was Cheryl who assembled the orange guidebooks and maps that, until recently, were the first volume for each state and country in our Library’s collection. Cheryl served our Society as a Trustee, was president for 3 years, and currently has been the GFGS treasurer since 2014. While employed by Walmart for four years, Cheryl earned a grant which provided the funding for at least 40 books for the Library’s growing Metis and Native American collection. Since her retirement earlier this year, Cheryl has given her attention to several projects within the Society Library. This has included changing Library arrangements, organizing and providing an inventory of our collection of maps, taking over the task of entering new books into the computer inventory, and helping assess materials in what is being termed “Area 51”, the alternate location of what we called the Society’s “office”. We as a Society are grateful to Cheryl Lucas for all she does for the Great Falls Genealogy Society, and in appreciation name her our 2021 Volunteer of the Year.