President’s Corner – June (Guest Editorial)

With recent Great Falls Genealogy Society developments and action by our Board, I’ve asked Society treasurer, Cheryl Lucas, to write this month’s President’s Corner. Please, give consideration to what she brings to our attention.

Larry D. Spicer
GFGS President

Dear GFGS Members,

This last year has been a very interesting one for the GFGS Society. We have not met in person for over a year. Among other things, this has deprived the society of our main funding sources for the purchase of United States books for our library – Brags & Birthdays at the monthly meetings and 20% of research fee received. We have been using the funds that were in the United States account for the purchase of Montana books, but now these funds have been depleted.

The GFGS Board voted to separate the Acquisitions accounts into four separate designated funds – United States, Foreign, Montana, and Montana First Nations. This would split the United States into two different funds – United States and Montana. These are the two funds that need to be replenished for the purchase of books for the library. The Board is asking our Society members to consider making donations to these funds. If you would like to donate to either of these funds, please designate which fund you would like the donation to be placed in. You may donate by check or electronically on our webpage under the “Support” tab and add a “note” for which fund you want to donate to.

The funding source for the Foreign Acquisitions has been targeted donations – we have not purchased many books for other countries so that fund is good. The funding source for the Montana First Nations has also been targeted donations.

As always, if you are wanting the library to purchase a book for you to use in your research, please let the Acquisitions Committee know.

Thank you.

Cheryl Lucas
GFGS Treasurer