2017 Volunteer of the Year

Carol Byerly, currently a trustee of the Great Falls Genealogy Society, was selected as the GFGS 2017 Volunteer of the Year for her work in finding and adding missing names to the Society’s George Company index of names. What this entails is going through each record in the multiple boxes of paperwork from the mortuary and making sure each person who has paperwork is listed in the index. So far, since she started this project in the summer of 2016, she’s located more than 2,100 people who were not listed in the indexes provided to us by the mortuary but had paperwork in the files.

The Chapel of Chimes index on this website is the original index. We won’t be able to upload the revised index for a while yet, so if you use the index and don’t find an ancestor’s name, please contact us anyway to see if we’ve located it recently or let us know who you’re searching for and we’ll keep an eye out for them as the process continues.