Volunteer of the Year 2016

At the Society’s annual meeting & pot luck dinner on November 10th, Darryl L. Flowers, publisher of the Fairfield Sun Times, was honored as the 2016 Volunteer of the Year. Darryl worked in the newspaper business for many years (and published in many languages) before arriving in Montana and purchased the Fairfield paper in 2008. He has scanned, using a scanning device that he himself devised, old issues of not only the Sun Times (known as the Fairfield Times in earlier incarnations), but also the Augusta News (no longer publishing as it became part of the Sun Times). Darryl has generously made these scanned newspapers available to the Great Falls Genealogy Society to be searched by our patrons.

Darryl was not able to attend the meeting Thursday night, but he will receive his award at a later date.